"I don't need a search"

By: Butch Powley



Four years ago I decided to start a new service for in-house recruiters because of their comments during conversations where I was trying to convince them of the virtues of the recruitment firm I was working for at the time.


What I heard over and over from the in-house recruiters was, “Butch, I don’t need a search, what I need are candidates.”  I finally realized that instead of trying to sell these people something they didn’t want, I could provide the service they were requesting.


Now I bring my 20 plus years healthcare recruitment experience to work for my clients everyday, providing them the service they requested.


With no placement fees, I work at the client’s discretion on multiple needs supplying vetted, qualified, interested candidates at minimal cost.  If you are looking for qualified, interested candidates, let me know, I can help.