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At Superior Healthcare Sourcing, we understand how important it is to find the right candidate.


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Our company's Values



We are NOT a recruitment firm. There are NO placement fees. We provide qualified, interested candidates.


Contact us today to find out about our hourly block pricing. We custom tailor each package to suit individual clients. Our packages are built specifically around the amount of time we spend, and the amount of hours you contract for. At SHS, we specialize in catering to our clients, and that means no "industry standard" fees. Let's set up a time to discuss just how affordable we really are! 



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Supply Quality Candidates

SHS partners with you to supply quality candidates.



The SHS consultant will contact the slate of qualified candidates.




After these criteria are met, SHS will deliver specific candidate data to you.



We provide you a weekly report of progrress.







President/CEO, Superior Healthcare Sourcing, LLC



Butch has 20 years experience in the physician recruitment industry, working with in-house recruiters as well as physician candidates. His extensive experience has allowed Butch to acquire a unique understanding of the day to day challenges of physician recruitment and to develop strong relationships across the industry.

Butch has had many successes over the course of his career. While working as a Regional Director of a national physician database he achieved a growth rate of 20% and a renewal rate of 92%. As a physician recruiter he accomplished a run-rate of 16 successful placements per year. Butch worked as a Regional Vice President /Business Development for a national search firm where he was consistently recognized for his exceptional service and leadership efforts, and most recently as Vice President of a well-known and respected Recruitment Agency.

Butch brings his experience as a leader in physician and executive recruiting to Superior Healthcare Sourcing, LLC. Superior Healthcare Sourcing, is committed to provide their partners with the best sourcing experience possible.

Letting someone else do it for you!

As a seasoned member of the Sales and Marketing Team for different search organizations, the biggest complaint I heard from in-house recruiters was the amount of time and effort spent on sourcing the perfect candidate.  Four years ago, I decided to start a new type of company to provide this invaluable resource at a minimal cost, and thus Superior Healthcare Sourcing was born.  Bringing over twenty years of healthcare experience to the table, I am able to provide personalized and exemplary service to my clients.

Sourcing is conducted at the client’s discretion on multiple needs supplying vetted, qualified, interested candidates at minimal cost.  Recently, over a 10-month period, Superior Healthcare Sourcing was able to provide a client with 33, interviewed, vetted candidates who met the client’s criteria, but more importantly were interested in the opportunities.  These candidates spanned a varied spectrum of specialties including but not limited to: Child Psychology, Internal Medicine/Academics, Gastroenterology and a Hem/Onc Program Director.

Superior Healthcare Sourcing is not a search firm, and you will never pay any type of placement fee.  I prefer to refer to our service as a source to partner with you in tackling one of the most tedious parts of your job.​